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Get Your Own Professionally Produced Video for Just One Investment of $397 (half off)

Your commercial will be produced in the identical format of the video below. Most of the images you see in this example were provided by the client, but we can also source images through our extensive stock libraries at no extra cost.

  • Just supply an elevator pitch describing your business. We do the rest!
  • Display graphics, photos or video clips. We can integrate any images/clips that you already have.
  • You get free use of our large library of existing images and footage at no extra charge.
  • Impress clients and prospects with this proven video for generating leads.
  • Allow 3 weeks for production, plus your review & input time.
  • Easy to install embed code provided. Installs on any website in under 2 minutes.
  • A second version is produced, especially for YouTube traffic.

In Addition to 50% off your Video, you'll Receive
a Valuable Package of Marketing Services

Here's your complete package...

  • Video Production: 30-Second, Lead-Generation Commercial

    Regular price: $794.00. Promotion: $397.00
    Our team of professionals will produce your video, especially designed to generate leads on your website. This is all you will pay for today. Everything else we do for you is provided free forever, or for two months from initial date of purchase. For example, without traffic, you won’t generate any leads, so we will create a second version of your video (with a different ending) designed to generate traffic to your website from YouTube. This second version is produced at no charge.

  • Voice-Over Artist Studio Recording

    Regular price: $450.00. Promotion: $0.00
    Our voice-over artist will come into the studio and professionally record your elevator pitch.
    See more:

  • Review your Elevator Pitch (and make edits as needed)

    Regular price: $299.00. Promotion: $0.00 
    One of our qualified writers will review and edit your elevator pitch to make sure it sells.
    See more: 

  • Proven Lead Capture System for your Website

    Regular $1200. Promotion:  $0.00
    This proven lead capture system was fine-tuned over hundreds of tests and is the identical system we use ourselves to maximize the number of leads that are captured (works over 568% better than asking them to call you).
    See https://marketingvideos.tv/proven-lead-capture-system/
    You get all the PHP code, ready to install on your website (takes less than one minute) with your logo displayed at the top and your video already embedded in the page. It comes precoded to use our video hosting platform, but you are welcome to modify the code for other video hosting platforms. All leads are emailed to you automatically.

  • Advanced Video Marketing Service

    Regular $397 per month. Promotion: Two Months free
    If purchased separately, this advanced video marketing service would cost you $1600.00 per month. It is not available for sale at a reduced price except under this limited-time promotion. You may cancel this service at anytime, with one click of your mouse. Take advantage of it for two months for free (from initial date of purchase), giving you approx 5 weeks of marketing service after your video has been completed). We are convinced you won’t want to cancel when the results are coming in! This advanced video marketing service includes;

    1. Organic YouTube ranking service.  We will upload the video to our own, specially optimized YouTube channel. We will then promote your video on YouTube, pushing it to page #1 of search results, thus generating views from your target market. Viewers then click through directly to your website.
      See: https://marketingvideos.tv/youtube-traffic-service
       sending traffic from YouTube directly to your website… for free!
    2. Commercial Grade Video Hosting. Now you can eliminate the YouTube branding on videos displayed on your website. You’ll also avoid the common problem of buffering and freezing, resulting in viewer bail-out, which significantly decreases the number of leads you receive.
    3. Expert Help. Marketing online can be a bit overwhelming, so we provide technical support to help you make money faster than ever before. You’ll enjoy unlimited ticket support. Got a question? We’ve got you covered!
    4. Access to our alternate-ending system, allowing you to change the ending of your video yourself, without incurring production costs.
    5. Extra Bonus: YouTube advertising management service (optional) See: https://marketingvideos.tv/youtube-advertising/

     This YouTube advertising management service is entirely optional on your part. There are additional media costs (paid directly to YouTube), but the payoff can be significant because advertising on YouTube can be far less costly than advertising on Google (due to less competition from other advertisers). Also, studies have proven that prospects who view a video about your company BEFORE visiting your website are more than twice as likely to buy from you. We add 14% to your invoice for any monies you pay to YouTube, which covers our additional advertising management costs as you scale your campaign as you experience success. Again, this is an optional service, which you can decide to take advantage of once your video has been produce. We do recommend you at least give YouTube advertising a test due to the enormous upside. And under this program, you pay only 14% of whatever you spend to have us manage the advertising for you (daily strategic and management work).

  • Fully Licensed Soundtrack

    Regular price: $275.00. Promotion: $0.00  
    We’ll source and license a soundtrack (music) for your video at our cost, making your video professional and polished.

Here's your complete marketing workflow...

  1. We upload your video to YouTube and push it to page #1 of search results.
  2. Viewers searching for your relevant keywords find your video and watch it.
  3. Qualified prospects are transferred to a 'lead-capture' page on your website, which we provide you with.
  4. Leads are captured.
  5. Leads are followed-up by you, using email and/or telephone.
  6. Prospects are converted into customers and sales are made!

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To receive the discount, you’ll need to enter promo code: priceexception50

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