Add ‘Glue’ to your Sales Funnel

By Benny Traub

Use this simple formula to double, or even triple the throughput of your sales funnel.

Most businesses fall down when it comes to developing their sales funnel. They don’t understand the mechanisms involved. This article will shed some light on one of the most important components… the part where we want them to ‘contact us’. And we’ll focus our solution on using the internet.

Sound good?

First, here are the five pieces of any modern sales funnel:

1. Drive traffic to your website.

2. Get your site visitors to contact you.

3. Educate, build trust and communicate your value proposition (e.g. give them good reasons to buy and eliminate the objections).

4. Close the deal.

5. Enhance lifetime value

Ok, that’s the overview. Now let’s dive a bit deeper into component #2, the part where you need the prospects to contact you and identify themselves. This will look different for every business. E.g. For a retail store, it usually looks like a store visit. For a home improvement contractor, it usually involves like an inbound phone call. For an online-only eCommerce business, the first real contact (where they identify themselves) often looks like a purchase.

Getting Prospects to Contact You

And when we are talking about online marketing, it is crucial that this component of ‘contact us’ includes the ingredient of ‘identify themselves’. Why? Because according to Kissmetrics, 96% of all site visitors will not be ready to buy from you. That means that 96%+ of your first time visitors are very likely NOT to identify themselves.

The most common pattern is where they land on your site, then bounce off without taking any further action. The problem with this is that most will never return. They won’t even remember you.

That doesn’t mean they were bad prospects. On the contrary. All it means is that they were not ready to buy and therefore were not ready to subject themselves to the pressure of a sales pitch.

That is why they won’t call you and also why they will not fill out the typical contact-us form which asks them for their name and phone number. They are not ready to be put on the spot. They are just browsing. Still thinking. Still planning and navigating the purchase process. This is normal. But the rules of sales have never changed. People would rather deal those they know, like and trust.

You must put priority in your marketing efforts to get them to identify themselves because it is only then that you can do your job as a marketer, following-up until they are ready to buy. By following-up, you can get those early-stage prospects to know, like and trust you. Then, when they are finally ready to buy, guess who they think of first? Right! You of course!

The secret to ‘attracting new prospects’ means more than simply driving more traffic to your site. By far, the biggest opportunity gap in most businesses I have consulted with is this: do a better job with the 96% who currently bounce off their site and go away, usually forever. Getting your site visitors to contact you is the ‘glue’ that will permanently attach them to you.

You must get intentional and strategic about capturing contact details. That means taking the time to install a lead capture system which is specifically designed for this purpose.

If all you have on your website is a phone number and a contact-us form, at least 96% of your prospects are currently slipping away from you. But let me show you a technique that can immediately turn up the volume of inquiries from your website, by over 568%.

Here’s the secret for capturing the identities of site visitors:

The secret is to break your lead capture process into two separate steps.

In step #1, you present them with a screen something like this example of a lead capture system, which has three important components:

The first component is what we call a ‘lead magnet’. It’s something that you are willing to give away for free, and which would help the prospect in their research process, and also motivate them to give you their contact details. It might be a free report, or even an Ebook. But often all that is necessary is a price list or a catalog or some kind. Even a short article is enough as long as it reveals something of value.

Do you currently offer anything to your website visitors to motivate them to contact you? If not, it’s time to put your thinking cap on.

The second component in your lead capture system is a short video. It’s a proven fact that prospects prefer to consume video rather than a bunch of text. It’s just easier. Video has become the most reliable way to communicate your sales presentation. More people will consume your message and at the same time, more people will believe your message. Research has shown that 58% of people instantly trust a company more when they have a good video. So it isn’t much of a surprise that studies by Forrester research have shown that people are between 30 and 174% more likely to buy from you if you have a good video. Makes sense, right?

The third component on your lead capture page is a field where your prospects can enter their email address.  If you give them a web form that asks only for an email address, there is a perception of anonymity. They feel safer than when you ask them for personal information like their name and phone number.

Step #2… if you need their name and phone number so you can follow up on the phone later; when the prospect clicks the submit button on the first screen, rather than sending them through to a thank-you page, instead, send them through to a second form that asks them for their name and phone number, and lo and behold, the majority of prospects will now give you their name and phone number without even hesitating.

Have you ever seen this 2-step process before? When it comes to motivating prospects to identify themselves, it is the bomb!

Ok, now you know how to bridge a massive opportunity gap on your website.

By getting highly intentional about capturing the identities of a greater percentage of site visitors, you will soon fill the hopper of your sales funnel and be well on the way to doubling or even tripling your revenue. You will have the ‘glue’ that connects you with your prospect. Once you have that, all you need to do is stay in touch. Send out friendly and helpful articles once in a while and the rest of the marketing magic will take care of itself.