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 Uploading a New Video to the Cloud

If you we produce a video for you, we'll upload it into your platform automatically, so you won't have to bother with the upload instructions below. However, if you'd like to upload and host additional videos, you'll need these instructions.

  1. Preparing your files.  If you are uploading your own videos, you'll need to first process the file through Handbrake, which will compress the file size so it is suitable for the web. Each minute of video should be under 10mb. If you do not compress your files with Handbrake, we may remove the file arbitrarily. You can get a free copy of Handbrake here.
  2. When ready, login at:
  3. Click the ‘Upload and Import’ button (top of page)
  4. Select ‘Manually upload videos’ (on the right). You'll see the screen below. You can safely IGNORE the text on this screen.

4. Click the green ‘Select a file’ button.
5. Locate the file on your local computer and upload it.

6. After file has uploaded, click the ‘Continue’ button (bottom right)

Managing Files:

Embedding in your website:

Manage Settings:

Timeline Events:


Create a Hosted Page: