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Here is what is included

For advanced marketers, AVM is indispensable.

AVM consists of several advanced tools that marketers may use to drastically enhance response rates using video.

Features of the program include:

  • Alternate Ending System
  • Optimization Training
  • Ability to eliminate the YouTube logo from videos
  • Adding conversion-enhancement tools to each video
  • More

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Change the final screen of your video, without incurring costs.

The Alternate Ending System allows you to scientifically prove which of your ideas appeal more to your market, resulting in significantly higher sales.


Interactive 'Buy Now' Button

Increase conversions by prompting viewers to click on your 'Buy Now' button and proceed directly to check-out.

Give them a prompt while they are still hot!

Embedded Forms Boost Conversions

Watch your Opt-ins soar when you include a form directly within your video... prompt your viewers to fill it out before they get distracted.

On-video forms outperform off-video forms by as much as 305%. Test it for yourself and find out!

Control the Sales Process

Gain control over the sales process by prompting viewers to navigate to high-value pages within your site (rather than wandering aimlessly).

Double Your Results

Then Double Them Again...

This is the only scientifically proven method for doubling your leads and sales.

The raw idea of 'testing' has existed for decades, but only recent improvements in technology allow you to implement an automated optimization process on your videos and change the endings WITHOUT INCURRING ANY COSTS.

Ready to Super-Charge your Results?

  • Do you want your viewers to click the ‘Buy Now’ link or would you rather than they call you? Pick your goal and then customize the ending to match!
  • Customize your endings with text, graphics, photos or clickable links
  • Customize your closing argument to match specific conversion goals
  • Change the final screen of your video, without incurring costs.

Get Your Turnkey Solution Now

Here's what you'll receive...

1. Turnkey, Alternate Ending System

Now you can customize the ending of every video you have, including those hosted on YouTube.

This is a fully guaranteed system and without any 'upgrades', you'll be licensed to use it to improve your results on up to twenty videos.

2. Replace the YouTube Logo with your own Logo

We’ll include a player that you can use to play all self-hosted or YouTube videos. The benefit is that, rather than displaying the YouTube logo on the player’s progress bar, you may now display your own logo. This professional customization alone is worth the cost of the system. Simply install your logo and the player does the rest.

3. Training

You’ll get access to our top people and get help when you need it. We are including three follow-up meetings where you can ask as many questions as you like.

3. Unlimited Technical Support

We are here when you need us. A combination of live agents and our advanced ticketing system allows us to respond to even the most advanced questions. Fully-paid clients receive two years of tech support. Rental clients receive tech support forever.

Your Investment...




Buy the system outright for a single payment of $5,000.00 and start improving your results immediately.

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$388.00 /mos

Rent the system for just $388.00 per month.
(Cancel anytime).

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100% Guaranteed to improve your sales

We'll give you a full SIXTY DAYS to prove to yourself that your sales can be doubled using the alternate ending system.

Full money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This is a no-condition warranty. Get your money back for ANY reason whatsoever. We are confident you won't want to! Once you get your first taste of the earning power of this system you'll never want to live without it.