Cancel Advanced Video Marketing Service

If you cancel, here's what you will immediately lose:

  • Any videos currently being displayed in search results may cease to direct free traffic to your website.
  • You'll lose commercial hosting of your video. Your only option then is to utilize a free video hosting service such as YouTube. However, you will then be promoting their brand and also subject your prospects to buffering and freezing (33% of viewers abandon videos when they buffer)
  • You will lose access to the alternate-ending system
  • You will no longer receive unlimited ticket support from our team
  • If we supplied you with a lead-capture system for your website, it will cease to work
  • You will lose the ability to automatically send up to 30,000 email per month at no charge

Cancellation cannot be easily undone. If you wish to reinstate your account later, we will have to redo that initial marketing and onboarding work which requires payment of the normal $2,500.00 setup fee, (even if that fee was previously waived for you as part of a special promotion).