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MOAB Camping Trailers

Bivouac Camping Trailers are designed to go beyond the pavement where camp sites are declared, not rented.

What will you do when the road ends?

Bivouac /biv·ou·ac/ – a temporary camp site, such as those used in scouting and mountain climbing, used especially by soldiers or mountaineers.

Rick and Ron, the owners and co-founders of Bivouac Camping Trailers, designed their trailers with their own families in mind. From the initial idea of creating the “Swiss Army Knife” of camping trailers, sprang the Safari and then the Fort. After months of planning and brainstorming the first M.O.A.B. proto-type was built in a friend’s garage in Black Canyon City, Arizona. From that point on, it was been an exciting journey getting the M.O.A.B. line of trailers introduced to campers and adventure seekers around the world.

Bivouac Camping Trailers has been operating in Phoenix, Arizona since June, 2008. The company was founded on the basis of providing high quality, unique, expedition trailers/toy haulers for the outdoor enthusiast. The unique design was created in an effort to fill a niche that has been previously ignored. It is an environmentally, go anywhere, friendly option for people who are in love with the great outdoors.

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