CloudStream Duplicates Your Video to Multiple Nodes in the Cloud for Reliable, Swift Delivery... Eliminating Buffering and Freezing and Giving you 100% Control over Branding.

Protect Your Brand and Eliminate the YouTube Logo

A recent study showed that 75% of YouTube viewers regularly experience ‘buffering’ and ‘freezing’, forcing your customers to wait while YouTube searches for network resources.

A full one-third (33%) of those viewers report that they abandon videos when buffering and freezing takes place.

If you do the math, you quickly realize that one-in-four potential customers are abandoning your sales pitch when it is hosted on YouTube. Sound like a good deal? Nope!

It is prudent to take advantage of YouTube for traffic generation purposes, but not as a replacement for video hosting for videos on your corporate website.

YouTube also subjects your viewers to 'suggestions' when the video comes to an end, enticing your prospects to be distracted from your offer.

There is a measurable and significant cost to using YouTube as a replacement video host. It is better to spend a few dollars on proper commercial hosting than to unnecessarily lose business.



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Advanced Marketing Tools to Enhance Conversions

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The Alternate-Ending System is included with ProMarketing Tools:

Many other customization features available to play with:

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