Do you need a ‘Conversion Video’?

3-Minute Strategy Guide for Your Conversion Video

By Benny Traub

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Do you really need a conversion video?

  • Conversion Video: Used to convert existing prospects into paying customers. Typically 3 minutes in duration, since there is a need to communicate a volume of information in order to accomplish the objectives of educating, building trust and establishing your value proposition.
  • Lead Gen Video: Used to attract new prospects into your sales funnel. Most common strategy is to entice prospects to give you their contact information so you can follow-up with phone calls or automated email sequences. A duration of 60 seconds is usually sufficient.
  • Traffic Gen Video: Displayed on 3rd party websites (such as YouTube) as a way to attract qualified prospects to your website. Can be used to generate organic (free) or paid traffic. A duration of 15 seconds or more is common.
  • Hybrid Video: A combination of the above is possible, but requires more planning. More than one version of the same video is produced, with different endings in order to make the call-to-action relevant in the context in which the video is being displayed.