Do you Need a Professionally Written Script?

Do you need your prospects to take action after watching your video?

If so, you need a script which is written by a direct-response writer.


Perhaps nothing is more crucial to the success of your video than a professionally written script. By hiring us to write your script, you’ll receive the perspective of our expert master-writer, for pennies on the dollar.

The script writing capabilities of this team exceed anything I could have hoped for. We had a lot of information that needed to be included and they were still able to keep it exciting for the viewers. We didn’t want to lose viewers half-way though so the message had to be sculpted and finessed to make sure we kept our prospects engaged to the very end. They did it! They helped guide us through their capabilities and possibilities to produce an amazing finished video right on schedule. Izzy and his team worked really hard to get us exactly what we wanted and at a price far lower than I expected.

Troy Secchio
Iron Wear
Contrary to popular belief, the most important component of any marketing video is the script (not the visuals).

Think of the images as 'visual aids', which reinforce and illustrate your sales presentation. Important? Yes! But the script (and voice-over) will do most of the heavy lifting of making sure your marketing objectives come to pass.

If you don't want your video to be a huge failure, you MUST MUST MUST put top priority on obtaining a good script. But don't worry, we'll help!

$50,000.00 for a script?

A great script must under the skin of the prospect and subtlety, yet firmly, guide them into your sales-funnel. That's why many commercial script writers earn over $50,000.00 per page.
Why so much?
Because they have learned the art of convincing people to take action.
As you know, motivating people to get off their butts and buy something is no small feat, (which is why most entrepreneurs fail in their attempts to scale their business through advertising).
For your script to be successful, it must take into account the psychology of the buyer... their desires, fears, logic and points of pain.
Your script must resonate with the prospective buyer like a tuning fork.
Our senior writer, Michelle Boyer, is an expert at this. Michelle has a PhD in Psychology, which means every word she writes has some basis in human need.
And Benny, our senior producer, has personally written sales copy resulting in the sale of over a hundred million dollars in goods and services.
As soon as we get started, Michelle and/or Benny (usually as a team) will go to work on your script. Then you and your team can review and make as many changes as you like (we allow unlimited revisions!).


Some videos are great at generating heaps of revenue. Others don't work quite as well. What's the difference?

In our experience, we've discovered several powerful secrets for success that are almost always overlooked by other video producers.
They don't do this on purpose. They just don't know.
Most video producers are technical and creative. But they are not specialized marketers. That's why their videos often fail to get the desired results.
When you work with us, we apply our specialized marketing knowledge to your video, so you can make more money, faster. Sometimes it's the tiniest of components that results in wild success. Things most people would never even think of.
Creating marketing videos is both an art and a science. The 'science' portion is more than just production know-how. It's also marketing wizardry. That's why you need an expert writer!
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100% Guaranteed

We'll keep working on your script until you are happy. In fact, we'll work on it for a full thirty days AFTER delivering it to you. Just say the word. If we can't make you happy, you won't pay a dime! Full money-back guarantee.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the script. Could easily play just as well on national tv as on my website or youtube. Very well thought-through and absolutely nailed my most important selling points. Top quality. Our service is uncommon in the world of computer repair, and it isn't always easy for people to understand. This team quickly figured out how to simplify our story, then wrapped it all in a friendly and professional tone—just what we needed. I highly recommend them!

Bradley Coulter
UR Gadget Doctors
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