How to Choose the Best Video Company

By Benny Traub

Does it really make any difference which
company produces your video?


Well, that depends... do you want your video to sell something?

Do you want your phone to ring? Do you want more opt-ins? Registrations? Click-thru's? Orders?

If you want your viewers to actually DO something after watching your video, then 'Yes', it does make a difference who produces your video.

Here's why...

Not all Videos are Equally Persuasive

Your ability to motivate viewers to take action is always in direct proportion to how compelling your video is. Is it convincing? Is it motivating? Is it believable? Does it sell? These are questions you need to ask yourself.

The most expensive copywriters in the world are those who write direct-response sales copy... they earn up to $50,000 per page. Why? Because they have knack for producing content that sells.

A video produced by me (and my small team) will cost you MUCH less than that, yet our focus is squarely on the response you need to get, (and the money you need to make in order to justify the video in the first place).

That's exactly why I want to be on your marketing team. And this is what sets me apart from your typical video producer. I understand that my job is to stimulate action. And I know how to get that done.

Your typical video producer has NO IDEA how to do that. Sure, they are full of 'creative' ideas. Clever, catchy, kitschy... whatever! But if your marketing video doesn't sell something, it is a waste of money, right?

Just a thought... marketing is a deep technical field that takes many years to master. Does it really make sense to hand the future of your business over to someone who does not also have a deep background in marketing?

I, for one, would never allow a butcher to operate on my child... or a bookie to prepare my complicated tax return.

They might have the same tools of the trade, but…

  • A typist is not a writer.
  • A hair stylist is not a fashion designer.
  • A video producer is not a marketing expert.

Video Marketing is a specialized field

Just because someone can handle the technical aspects of video production does not qualify them to develop marketing videos. They may be able to produce content to fill up the allotted time and that content may be creative or 'catchy', but will that content sell?

Don't risk the future of your business by hiring someone who is not qualified.

Surprisingly, a professional marketing video is NOT more expensive than a video produced by a non-marketer. In fact, it is often LESS expensive.

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