Law Firm Marketing

A Step-by-Step Plan for Marketing Your Law Firm...

  • Produce a Good Video for your Firm

    All the statistics are telling us that video sells better than any other online content. Don’t ignore this. Every day without a good video is costing you money.

Law Firm Video Examples...

Budget $5,000.00

The strategies below are FREE if we work with you on your video...

  • Drive Traffic

    Once you have a good video for your law firm, you can take advantage of YouTube’s free referral system to drive qualified prospects over to your website. If we work with you on the production of your video, at no charge we will do the technical work which will allow you to take advantage of YouTube’s free referral system. In no time at all you’ll be generating interest from potential clients in your area, without spending a penny. Let’s have a quick chat and we’ll show you exactly how this works.

  • Capture Leads

    Don’t make the mistake of driving traffic to your home page. If you do, you’ll quickly discover that your lead flow rate is embarrassingly low. Instead, use our proven lead capture system. With some limitations, most law firms can expect lead flow rate to increase by at least 544% within 24-hours of implementation. We refer to this specialized system as the ‘Secret Handshake’. The Secret Handshake is extraordinarily effective at converting cold, anonymous site traffic, into prospective clients who book appointments. The most effective Handshake systems are those with well-produced videos. Our production clients receive the Secret Handshake system for free. Let’s have a quick chat and we’ll show you why the handshake works so well and why you should not spend another penny on advertising without including the Secret Handshake in your lead capture process.

  • Nurture the Leads

    Not all prospects are ready to become clients immediately. For those who are not ready today, it is imperative that they not fall between the cracks of your marketing system. Instead, we recommend using an automated email system to automatically nurture these prospects and stay in touch until they are ready. It has been solidly proven that staying in touch in this manner increases closing ratios and reduces the overall cost of marketing. If you hire us to produce a video for your firm, you’ll get free access to our ‘AutoNurture’ email platform for several months so you can see for yourself how effective this strategy is.

(The above strategies 2-4, are FREE if we work with you on your video)

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