How to Use Video to Generate

Over 568% More Leads from the Internet

By Benny Traub

If you need to generate inquiries from qualified buyers, a lead-gen video, combined with a well-designed lead-capture system will immediately improve your lead flow by over 568%.

Studies have shown that 96% of those who visit your website, are not ready to buy today. They are just doing research and don’t want to be pressured by speaking with someone.

So they’ll just browse your site and then they’ll depart, and when they do, most will not return and you’ll never hear from them again. In fact, they won’t even remember you, unless, you figure out a way to stay in touch.

If, it were possible to collect their contact information while they are visiting your website, then you would have the ability to call them up on the phone and try to sell them, or better yet, put them on an automated email follow-up system that nurtures the relationship for you, keeping you at the forefront of their mind, and voila!

When they are ready to make a purchase, you will be the very first one they think of.

The problem is, people in their initial stages of research will not call you and give you their contact information. However, they will fill out a webform, if you offer them something that is relevant to their research process, like your price list or a free report.

A web form gives them a layer of anonymity and a way to escape the pressure of speaking with someone. Which presents a conflict, because if your webform asks them for personal information, such as name and phone number, they get scared off and your results will drop.

So here’s the secret trick to capturing contact information and generating more leads:

Break your lead-capture form into two separate pages,

On page #1, have a short video, from 30-60 seconds long, that briefly describes your product and offers to send the prospect more information if they enter their email address.

Example of page 1...

Then, once they click the submit button, rather than sending them to a thank you page, send them to a 2nd form that asks them for their name and phone number.

Lo-and-behold, the majority of your prospects will now give you that personal information without hesitating. Why?

Because the 'fear' switch in their brain was turned off when they decided to fill out form #1. By the time they hit form #2, they sail right on through. You can then follow-up with them by phone or using automated email until they are ready to buy.

This system will you’ll net over 568% more inquiries, and if you stay in touch, a healthy percentage will come back and buy from you when they are ready.

All you need is something to offer your prospects to entice them to give you their contact information, like a free report. We call this a lead magnet.

Let's Get Practical...

Take a moment now to download the PDF worksheet, which will help you discover the most effective lead magnet for your business.