NC realtor smacks down Stop Rush bullies: ‘I will advertise wherever I damn well please’!/leighbrownremax/status/273457045276069888

Leigh Brown is a Charlotte, N.C., area RE/MAX franchisee who calls herself the “no BS realtor,” and she more than lives up to that tagline on Twitter.

This week, Brown was targeted by the Stop Rush bully brigade after her business was entered into their database of Rush Limbaugh sponsors. Behold the Twitter thuggery:

WBT 11.26 @leighbrownremax ‘no b/s realtor’ but lies are ok? ads during Limbaugh say yes. plz move to a non-hate grid #StopRush

— Barbara Primavera(@greta_speaks) November 27, 2012

@leighbrownremax Still loving Rush I see! Guess you want to go down with the sinking SSRUSH#stoprush

— Linda Swanholm (@LindaSwanholm) November 27, 2012

Hey @remax This Realtor advertises on Rush @leighbrownremax & damages your brand. #stoprush

—Kitty (@_Fitz50) November 28, 2012

Seems that @leighbrownremax likes bankrolling sleaze about strangulation and orgasm.Their choice to sponsor. They stand firm. #stoprush

— end hate radio 47% (@EndHateRadio) November 29, 2012

When I up-size next year, I’m going to avoid @remax altogether, because @leighbrownremax sullies the the whole brand’s name. 🙁 #stoprush

— Pinky Sinclair (@PinkySinclair) November 28, 2012

@leighbrownremax You really don’t think that you can run ads on Limbaugh in a vacuum do you? #stopRush

— Reality Wife (@realitywife) November 28, 2012

Assoc. with Rush Limbaugh’s misogyny/racism image destroyed Romney & may harm @leighbrownremax as diverse USA rejects that image #stoprush

— Joe Lerch (@Pajoe) November 27, 2012

@leighbrownremax….. Wasting your $ sponsoring @limbaugh whodemeans women ALL WOMEN!! #STOPRUSH

— Snoop (@E140Tweet) November 28, 2012

War on Women! Oh, you mean like the one the Stop Rush crowd is waging against a successful, self-made female entrepreneur?

The OCD crowd at #stoprush still harassing @leighbrownremax 4 advertising w/ @limbaugh. Their own personal #waronwomen #tcot #p2 #hypocrites

— Greta (@Viasmom) November 28, 2012

The trolls and thugs came out to play, but Brown swatted them away.

This is how you biz owners handle the stopRush loonies:…

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) November 27, 2012

Unlike Arby’sWalgreen’s and other craven corporations, Brown wasn’t about to cave to their threats. “I will advertise wherever I damn well please. You trolls don’t like it, don’t listen,” she tweeted in defense of the free market.

If you’re looking for a realtor in the Charlotte area who thinks with her lady smarts, not her lady parts, Brown is your woman.

@eurekasue49 I am a woman and I am more than a vagina. I’ll advertise where I please. oh, and i’m smart as hell. #stopmsnbc #tcot

— leighbrownremax (@leighbrownremax) November 27, 2012

@babywoz there’s plenty of lies and vitriol on both sides. i’ll advertise where i please. #stopmsnbc #tcot @serr8d

— leighbrownremax (@leighbrownremax) November 27, 2012

@shannityshair it’s going to be a long, hard battle. and i will NOT shut up. #tcot #IAmTheFreeMarket

— leighbrownremax (@leighbrownremax) November 27, 2012

@pinkysinclair @remax i fail to understand why i can’t have political views, but you can. #tcot #stopmsnbc

— leighbrownremax (@leighbrownremax) November 28, 2012

@coopster04 wow,slinging around threats. I’m an independent contractor. keyword INDEPENDENT. #IAmTheFreeMarket. #stopmsnbc

— leighbrownremax (@leighbrownremax) November 28, 2012

still not sure why it’s cool to hate on me, but whatever. i am who i am and Jesus loves me.#IAmTheFreeMarket #stopmsnbc #goawaytrolls

— leighbrownremax (@leighbrownremax) November 29, 2012

Supporters rallied around Brown as the Stop Rush crowd continued their assault.

Thankyou @leighbrownremax for advertising on the @rushlimbaugh Show, we millions of listeners approve! Ignore the #StopRush spoilsports!

— #StopMSNBC (@VTwinCrucible) November 27, 2012

@leighbrownremax They hate anyone they control. It’s a badge of honor to be “hated” by the anti @limbaugh losers. #tcot #p2

— Greta (@Viasmom) November 29, 2012

@leighbrownremax I applaud you. Thank you for standing up for what you believe. You are a great American.

— Sean Hannity’s Hair (@SHannitysHair) November 27, 2012

@leighbrownremax You’re doing great.Thank you for standing up for what is right. #stopmsnbc

— Darin Lloyd (@dblloyd74656) November 27, 2012

Now following @leighbrownremax because her tweets are full of win and yet somehow, her bio is even better. #tcot

— Little Miss Rightie (@LilMissRightie) November 27, 2012

Brown isn’t the only small business owner in the Stop Rush crosshairs. The Stop Rush database contains thousands of businesses, large and small, that have reportedly committed the atrocious crime of advertising on local stations during Limbaugh’s program.

Yes, the economy is in the toilet and these Rush-obsessed whiners are still freaking out about Limbaugh’s supposed War on Women and hatred of minorities. Of course, unlike the economy, Rush will be doin’ just fine. And it looks like Leigh Brown will be too:

.@leighbrownremax I suspect many will seek this agent for views in light of her courage! We conservatives w/$ applaud you! @remax #stoprush

— #StopMSNBC (@VTwinCrucible) November 29, 2012

@leighbrownremax I can honestly say if I lived near Charlotte, I would buy a home utilizing your services ; )

— S C (@n2shoebiz) November 27, 2012

@leighbrownremax if I am ever in the market in Charlotte you will be the first I call and everyone less should too! #IamTheFreeMarket #tcot

— H.N. Asher (@base_sales) November 27, 2012