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  1. You have the unlimited and exclusive license to use the video as you choose, and are not obligated to pay for the production as long as you maintain your video hosting account in good standing.
  2. The video remains the property of MarketingVideos.TV until it is paid for. Solely at your option and at anytime, you may buy out the video for $2175.00.
  3. If you buyout the video, you may host the video with any company of your choosing.
  4. If you have not paid for the video production, you may still cancel the hosting account at anytime, at which time you may no longer be benefiting from the video.
  5. Prior to cancellation, all copies of the video must be returned. Any online copies must be deleted, included those uploaded to YouTube or any other 3rd party service. Return (and/or deletion) of all copies is a prerequisite for cancellation.
  6. Notice of cancellation takes effect the later of; 48 hours of the giving of notice, or the return and/or deletion of all copies of the video, whether displayed on your website or that of a 3rd party.
  7. Giving notice of cancellation has no effect unless all copies of the video have been returned and/or deleted. Monthly payments shall continue until these conditions have been met.
  8. We guarantee that the production of the video will meet your expectations. If it does not, you may request unlimited revisions during the revision period. The revision period extends for 30 days after the delivery of the first draft, for those components which have not previously been approved. Example: if the script was previously approved, you may not change it later without incurring additional costs. After 30 days of delivery of first draft, the video is deemed complete. Until then, you may request unlimited revisions.
  9. If we cannot make the specific requested changes to your video, you may cancel your hosting account within 1st thirty days for a full refund. The 1st month of fees are refundable.

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