Terms & Conditions

This Agreement is made between AdverCalls Inc. ("Company") and the purchaser ("Client" or "you" or "they").

  1. Client shall be entitled to video production services for a 60-second, 8-scene video based on the Company's proven production format.
  2. Client shall be entitled to receive any bonuses or free offers, as advertised. If those bonuses are subscription services, and are offered free only for a limited period of time, automatic billing shall start debiting the Client's credit card at the end of the free period. It is Client's sole responsibility to cancel any such services if they choose not to participate.
  3. If Client cancels within thirty days of purchase date, they shall be entitled for a full refund of all monies paid to Company under this agreement, provided they; a) provide the Company with their elevator pitch and image selection worksheet and give Company reasonable time to produce the video and, b) provide a description of the deficiencies in the service and, c) give Company the opportunity to rectify the deficiencies prior to giving Company notice of cancellation. This agreement to purchase video production services may not be cancelled for any other reason.
  4. If you cancel, you may not be able to reactivate your account under the same terms and conditions.
  5. To cancel any free tests of ongoing subscription services, Client shall login to the Members Area and send a ticket through the support platform to create a record of the cancellation. No fees shall be charged during any free test period. Automatic billing of account shall occur after the free test period has ended. 
  6. You are responsible to deliver to Company: a) Any text you wish to be displayed on-screen, b) your logo (if you have one), c) a written elevator pitch (script) for the voice-over narrator (if applicable), d) photos, graphic or live footage (if applicable) to be displayed on-screen (collectively, the "Assets").
  7. All services are supplied on a best-efforts basis. Company makes no specific representations with regards to business results.
  8. Client agrees to hold Company harmless for any damages that may occur related to this Agreement. In any event, Damages may not ever exceed the amount Client paid to Company.
  9. Any free offers or services may be discontinued at anytime and be replaced with new versions or new services of similar value, solely at Company's discretion.
  10. This Agreement may be updated from time to time by the Company, regarding how services are delivered, and Client shall receive 30 days notice of any changes to the agreement.
  11. This Agreement replaces all prior communications, advertisements and understandings.

Client is paying for video production services, and shall receive a number of incentives at no charge: