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Cinematic Sound Design

Cinematic Sound Design

Make Your Video the Best it Can Be...

Your video already comes with a fully licensed soundtrack. And for some videos, that is perfectly fine. However, if you want this particular video to have something special, I highly suggest you add cinematic sound design.

As you know, sound design is a category in the Academy Awards because of its power to engage the emotions and draw us into another world.

Cinematic sound has the ability to bring pictures to life, engaging all of our senses.

Great sound increases our ability to suspend belief, which is important in movies. And in marketing, this translates into higher emotional involvement, more engagement and better conversions. This is particularly true for those people known as 'audibles', who respond better to audio than any other form of communication.

Many professional firms charge $1200 for 60 seconds of sound design (with a one minute minimum), but if we can do this work while your video is still open on our editing station, we can reduce our internal costs and are quite happy to pass those savings along on to you... it will be just $197.

Do you want your video to be the best it can be? Get professional sound design. This will be the only time you can do this without adding substantial cost to your video.

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