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fade-leftfade-rightAdvanced Video-Marketing Service

  • 60-Second, Proven Sales Video
  • ProMarketing Conversion Tools
  • Commercial Video Cloud Hosting
  • Youtube Traffic & Lead Gen Service
  • On-call, Expert Marketing Help

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Both Options Include a Professionally Produced Sales Video using our Proven Production Format:

  • Simply supply images and an elevator pitch, and we will do the rest!
  • Use custom graphics, photos or video clips.
  • If you do not have your own photos or clips, you will get free access to libraries of stock images and footage at no extra charge.
  • Impress clients and prospects with this proven video for enhancing your brand and increasing sales.
  • Allow 3 weeks for production, plus your review & input time.

Need a Bigger Marketing Boost?

Here's what you Receive with Option 2, VideoADVANCE…

VideoADVANCE is an advanced video-marketing program designed to build traffic, improve closing ratios and increase sales. You may cancel at anytime, without notice. If you cancel, you keep any videos we have produced, the resources we have delivered or supplied you with, and of course, your optimized YouTube channel and any other assets we have created for you.

Detailed Program Description...

  • If your video is lucky enough to rank on the front page of Google, you’ll attract 41% more click-thrus to your website than regular search results (AimClear, 2012).
  • And it’s no secret that Google is attracted to quality content.
  • As a videoAdvance client, you’ll receive one new, quality video per month as part of your broader traffic building strategy.
  • We’ll push those videos onto the first page of YouTube (see Module 2, below) and Google search results.
  • Then we’ll optimize those videos to attract quality leads and traffic to your website at a cost of just one cent per visitor.
  • Each video will be produced in a multi-scene format, similar to the example seen higher up on this page.

Generate Leads by Strategically Placing your
Videos on YouTube, then Ranking them for
Keywords on Page #1 of Search Results

Need more sales-ready leads?

Need more high quality traffic that is eager to buy? Start by building trust on YouTube, then transferring those prospects to your website or stimulating phone calls directly to your sales line.

As part of the YouTube Traffic service, we’ll build a custom YouTube channel for your business, including graphics, Video SEO and multiple traffic-transfer points, allowing you to siphon off viewers and push them to high-value landing pages on your website.

Once your channel is setup and optimized, we’ll implement a comprehensive, 33-step marketing program designed to rank your videos on page #1 of YouTube search results, the 2nd most used search engine (just behind Google).

Once your videos are ranking on Page #1 of search results, you’ll soon discover that the traffic which is generated is extremely high quality.

A prospect who has viewed a YouTube video before arriving at your website, is pre-educated and comes with a degree of trust that is otherwise not possible.

In fact, prospects who have been pre-educated about your business through a YouTube video, and then click thru to your website, will browse your site 3X longer and consume 3X more content, compared to other sources of traffic.

This gives you a tremendous advantage over your competitors because you have more time to tell your story, build trust and obtain sales-ready leads.

Ranking on Page #1 of YouTube can typically be accomplished within 30 days and we guarantee success every time.

What position you take depends on the competitive nature of the target keywords.

For example, ‘plumber’ is more difficult to rank for than ‘plumber in Seattle’ which is more difficult than ‘hot water heater plumber in Seattle’.

The more competitive keywords require more time and marketing resources to get them to rank on page #1.

Our strategy focuses on ranking each video for one or two high-value keywords.

Do you already have a list of keywords you would like to rank on page # 1 for? Send them over and we’ll use your list. Otherwise, we’ll do the keyword research and determine which keywords are the most commercially valuable for your business.

We’ll analyze those high-value keywords for competition levels and the related difficulty of ranking and we’ll then discuss the entire strategy with you before starting work.


Advanced Marketing Tools to Enhance Conversions

A comprehensive suite of tools which give you advanced marketing power to dramatically increase lead flow, conversions and viral traffic.


Protect Your Brand and Eliminate the YouTube Logo

A recent study showed that 75% of YouTube viewers regularly experience ‘buffering’ and ‘freezing’, forcing your customers to wait while YouTube searches for network resources.

A full one-third (33%) of those viewers report that they abandon videos when buffering and freezing takes place.

If you do the math, you quickly realize that one-in-four potential customers are abandoning your sales pitch when it is hosted on YouTube. Sound like a good deal? Nope!

It is prudent to take advantage of YouTube for traffic generation purposes, but NOT as a replacement for video hosting for videos on your corporate website.

There is a measurable and significant cost to using YouTube as a replacement video host for videos on your website. It is better to spend a few dollars on proper commercial hosting than to unnecessarily lose business by relying on YouTube.




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100% Guaranteed

Your sales video is backed by our 30-day, satisfaction-guarantee. All we ask is clarification of the problem and a reasonable chance to fix it. If we can’t, of course you’ll receive a full refund.