Easy Video Marketing for
the Insurance Industry

By Benny Traub

What is the first priority of your marketing video?

Insurance companies, insurance agents and insurance brokers all have one overriding objective with regards to their marketing videos and that is to attract qualified prospects who are interested in buying insurance.

Therefore the first priority of your marketing video is to generate a lead for your insurance business.

But how? Actually, it is simpler than you think. Create a SHORT video which offers to give the prospect some valuable information which promises to help them in their quest to get insurance coverage.

We call this a 'Lead gen video'. The perfect duration of a lead gen video for an insurance agency is 60 seconds.

Example of a lead-gen video for an insurance company:

As you can see, you don't need a video longer than 60 seconds to get the job done. At least if all you want to do is generate a lead for your insurance business.

Are there other worthy objectives? Of course!

For example...

What is the second priority of your marketing video?

The second most important priority of your marketing video is to convert more prospects into paying customers. Sound's obvious right? But how? Here's a quick formula that any insurance marketer can follow to create what we refer to as a 'conversion video':

1. Educate. Give the mandatory pre-purchase information to your prospects. That is, answer the questions you know they have, deal with their objections, and tell them what you know they need to know, even if they don't know enough to ask the question.

2. Build trust. People like to deal with those they know and trust. Your job is to give them that 'feeling'. Tell them how many years you have been in the industry, how many customers rely on you, which associations you belong to, your accreditations, etc. The more ammo you give them, the easier it is to make a buying decision.

3. Establish your value proposition. Why should someone do business with you rather than the guy down the street? Surely it is more than your location? If location is all you've got, your ability to scale your business will always be limited to your geographic circumference. Your value proposition should be at least 7 points long. In other words, you should be able to provide at least 7 legitimate reasons why someone should buy insurance from you rather than the guy across the street. Use your imagination.

The duration of a conversion video for an insurance agency is 3 or more minutes.

Does an insurance agency need a conversion video? If you have live reps making presentations, you might not need a conversion video. Afterall, that's what the reps are for. On the other hand, a conversion video is a great 'leave behind', which enables an insurance agent to pass on the core sales message to other decision makers, even if they were not present during the presentation.

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