We are a family run business with a wonderful team of artists, animators, writers and technicians.

Are you located in Los Angeles? We'd love to meet you! Otherwise, you can pick up the phone and call anytime. Our clients are all over the world including Canada, the UK, Australia and of course, the USA.

Our team:

Norma Jean Bone, Senior Artist

Michelle Boyer, PhD (psychology), Senior Writer 

Robert Maloney, Accountant

James Apada, In-house counsel

Jennifer Aspelund, Sales assistant

Nessie Coombs, Production assistant

Gary Dimchevski, Production assistant

Ruth Pitacasi, Production assistant

Mia Parker, Artist

Norm Mast, Artist

Amanda Dragomer, Editor

Paul Hamson, Voice actor

Danny Thacker, Voice actor

Levi Jones, Voice actor

Danny Cirlo, Sound design

Art Zene, Motion graphics & animation

Mark Sawicki , Motion graphics & animation

Rachel Anne Rivera, 3D modeling & animation

One day (soon!) we'll get around to putting all the bio's up here.