1. videoADVANCE Cloud Hosting and Worldwide Streaming Service

Our Video Cloud hosting service includes distribution of multiple copies of your video to servers around the world, for quick streaming and the elimination of buffering and freezing.


2. videoADVANCE Automatic Lead Nurturing

Automatically send sequences of email to your prospects to nurture them until they are ready to buy. Nurture up to one thousand new prospects at a time. Send up to thirty thousand email per month.


3. videoADVANCE Alternate-Ending System

Change the last frame and call-to-action of your videos without incurring production costs. Enables you to customize your video for special offers, specific products and for marketing experiments.


4. videoADVANCE Five Star Support

Get real help from real people who know what they are talking about. Bring your video marketing strategies to an entirely new level and get all your questions answered with unlimited tickets through our five star support system.

Special package pricing:

Onboarding and configuration: $2,500.00
Monthly dues: $394.00

Cancel anytime without notice.

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