Features, Terms & Conditions

This Agreement is made between AdverCalls Inc. ("Company") and the purchaser ("Client" or "you" or "they").

  1. Client shall be entitled to the services listed herein.
  2. Either party may cancel this agreement at anytime, without notice. You shall not be entitled to any refund unless you cancel under the terms listed below.
  3. If Client cancels within the first thirty days, they shall be entitled for a full refund of all monies paid under this agreement, provided they a) provide a description of the deficiencies in the service and, b) give Company the opportunity to rectify the deficiencies prior to giving Company notice of cancellation.
  4. If you cancel, you keep: Any videos we have created for you, your YouTube channel (if applicable), and any resources we have delivered or supplied you with.
  5. If you cancel, you MAY NOT REACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT under the same terms and conditions. Additional fees will apply.
  6. Video Production: You are responsible to deliver to Company: a) Any text you wish to be displayed on-screen, b) your logo (if you have one), c) a written script for the voice-over narrator (if applicable), d) photos, graphic or live footage (if applicable) to be displayed on-screen (collectively, the "Assets").
  7. Video Production: If you are on the Gold plan, you are entitled to one video each 30 days. Videos may not accumulate. If you fail to deliver the Assets required for production in any 30 day term, you lose the right to have a video produced that month. No exceptions.
  8. All services are supplied on a best-efforts basis. Company makes no specific representations with regards to results.
  9. Client agrees to hold Company harmless for any damages that may occur related to this Agreement. In any event, Damages may not ever exceed the amount Client paid to Company.
  10. This Agreement may be updated by Company at anytime.
  11. This Agreement replaces all prior communications, advertisements and understandings.