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Your first image-builder video will be based on the proven production format below.

Simply supply images and an elevator pitch, and we will do the rest!

Use custom graphics, photos or video clips.

If you do not have your own photos or clips, we will give you free access to our libraries of stock images at no extra charge.

Impress clients and prospective clients with this proven production format for building corporate image.



Protect Your Brand and Eliminate the YouTube Logo

A recent study showed that 75% of YouTube viewers regularly experience ‘buffering’ and ‘freezing’, forcing your customers to wait while YouTube searches for network resources.

A full one-third (33%) of those viewers report that they abandon videos when buffering and freezing takes place.

If you do the math, you quickly realize that one-in-four potential customers are abandoning your sales pitch when it is hosted on YouTube. Sound like a good deal? Nope!

It is prudent to take advantage of YouTube for traffic generation purposes, but not as a replacement for video hosting for videos on your corporate website.

There is a measurable and significant cost to using YouTube as a replacement video host. It is better to spend a few dollars on proper commercial hosting than to unnecessarily lose business.



Watch Conversions Skyrocket with these Powerful Tools

Advanced Marketing Tools to Enhance Conversions

A comprehensive suite of tools which give you advanced marketing power to dramatically increase lead flow, conversions and viral traffic.


We’ll Rank Your Videos on both YouTube AND Google

YouTube is the 2nd highest used search-engine (just behind Google) and over a billion customers are just waiting to find you there.

Using our 19-step ‘Firestorm’ system, we’ll rank any video we produce for you on YouTube AND Google.

Do you already have a list of keywords you would like to rank for? Send them over and we’ll use your list.

Otherwise, we’ll do the keyword research and determine which keywords are the most commercially valuable for your business.

We’ll analyze those high-value keywords for competition levels and the related difficulty of ranking . (Higher value word typically take a lot more work and longer to rank).

The Firestorm system focuses on ranking each video for one high-value keyword. Our goal is to place your videos on page #1 of both YouTube and Google search results. Depending on the difficulty level, we may be able to rank your videos within 30 days. (Higher difficulty keywords take longer).

As part of the Firestorm service, we’ll build a custom YouTube channel for your business, including graphics, Video SEO and multiple traffic-generators, allowing you to siphon off viewers and push them to high-value landing pages on your website.



Note: In one year, we’ll rank twelve videos for you as part of this program. Pricing is normally $400 for the initial ranking and setup work, per video, plus a maintenance fee of $50.00 per month. For twelve videos, this adds up to $4,800.00 in setup fees. These fees, in addition to all maintenance fees, are being waived for the entire year for Gold members.


The Complete Video Knockout Training System Reveals the Secrets of Low Cost, High Value Video Production and How you Can Do it Yourself


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If you cancel, you keep: Any videos we have created for you, your YouTube channel, and any resources we have delivered or supplied you with.

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Fair warning... this is a ‘questions asked’ guarantee. If we could not satisfy you, that’s fine. We simply ask that you tell us the reason you are unhappy and of course give us the opportunity to fix the problem. (For the record, not one of our clients have ever asked for their money back!).

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