Advertising Your Business on YouTube can be Half the Cost of Advertising on Google

There are fewer video advertisers competing for YouTube traffic, enabling you to save thousands of dollars by shifting traditional PPC dollars over to YouTube. Plus, prospects who watch a video before visiting your website are twice as likely to buy from you.

We produce custom commercials and then run those commercials as 'pre-roll' ads, which run
before other YouTube videos. YouTube does not charge anything if the viewer skips the ad.

  • We alter existing videos to make them 'YouTube friendly' for lead generation
  • We create the campaigns
  • We take care of all the targeting
  • We monitor and evaluate results (with you)
  • We tweak and fine tune the campaigns
Just $394.00 per month

plus 14% of your ad budget

Our fee covers strategy, creatives, production and management.
Actual ad dollars are paid directly to YouTube (owned by Google).

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