YouTube Marketing Basics…

1. Partner With YouTube Celebrities

There are many YouTube users who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Do some research and find YouTube users whose audiences may be interested in your product or service and partner with them. Have them talk about you in their videos. Give them freebies. For example, if you’re in the beauty space, partner with “beauty gurus” — girls who do hair and makeup tutorials.

2. Link Back to Your Site

This is obvious, but often overlooked. So we’ll say it again… one of the easiest ways to turn YouTube views into traffic and sales is to invite people back to your website at the end of your videos. Then, make it really easy for them by including a clickable link right in the video description box. Make sure you watch your analytics to monitor where your website traffic is coming from; you might just notice that YouTube traffic is the most engaged.

3. Fill Out Your Descriptions Thoroughly

YouTube is owned by Google, so each video you publish on YouTube has the potential for high search visibility. Make sure to fill out every available empty box when you publish your video: title, tags, description, category.

4. Be Clever

YouTube is quickly becoming a saturated market for online marketing, so you’ve got to stand out. If you’re going to take the time to create a video ad for your business, there’s just no sense in crafting one that blandly points out your company’s advantages. Inject humor, use creative graphics and do anything you can to get your video to stand out from the rest. Try someting new, like whiteboard animation to grab people’s attention.

5. Tell a Story

You need to tell your brand’s story through pictures and sound. Data visualization and storytelling are quickly becoming the hottest trends in messaging. If you’re a photographer or owner of a music store, coffee shop, etc., you’ve got plenty to convey through sights and sounds.

6. Highlight Your Fans With Fan Videos

Referrals are the greatest marketing out there. Depending on your industry, you might consider asking customers to post short YouTube videos about their experiences with your company. These videos tell your story for you in a way that only a 3rd party can do. there is a good reason that word-of-mouth leads close at a higher rate than other sources… the presentation they hear from a 3rd party injects more confidence than anything you can ever do or say yourself. Remember that.

7. Single Out Customers

Old Spice did it best a few years ago by making a handful of videos at a time that directly responded to customer questions. They even conducted some clever celebrity outreach with these videos by making them humorous and tagging influencers to draw their attention. There’s nothing more genuine and honest than a personalized video to satisfy a customer’s needs. If you have the resources, do it.

8. Volume Wins

Be prolific. YouTube videos are so stinking simple to make and publish that if you take the time to upload just one YouTube video each week, you will see more traffic. It’s that simple. Be prolific with the amount of content you put up, and you will get more visitors.